What do clients say about working with Suzanne Zeman?

Suzanne helped me see the culture issues in my organization that were impeding progress, and she has given me the self-confidence and ongoing support to address those issues so we could be more productive. During the time I have been coached by Suzanne, our division has experienced phenomenal growth, I was promoted from Director to Vice President, and I have consistently received appraisals stating that my performance "exceeds expectations". Some of this is due to the change initiatives I have spearheaded, and my contributions in those areas have been greatly influenced by Suzanne's coaching.

Not only does Suzanne coach on the issues people usually confront in a corporate environment, but she also provides coaching on somatic tendencies. Suzanne was my coach for at least two years before I met her in person, and she was still able to provide coaching on somatics over the telephone. This is surely a special skill!

Janet Byrne Smith
Vice President, e-Scholastic Operations


Working with Suzanne has been instrumental in transforming my experience of my own business and employees. Our internal communications are now much clearer, and we've identified areas in our operations that had been taking up significant resources yet produced little value.

I personally am different at work now, which has changed the overall mood here for the better. Our employee turnover rate has sharply decreased as we've been able to retain the cream of the crop.

Daniel Waldman
President, Forester Communications


I highly recommend Suzanne Zeman she is an outstanding coach. Her knowledge of industry, organizational development, corporate cultures, leadership principles and somatics is extremely valuable. She has excellent listening and observation skills, quickly understands complex issues, gives pragmatic, concrete feedback and encourages change in an urgent yet supportive style.

I am responsible for an organization generating $1B revenue per year. I was leading the organization through a significant merger while adding responsibility for a second organization. Suzanne coached me through this challenging period, providing insight as a thought partner, contributed to the creation of innovative approaches and correspondingly improved my ability to manage this assignment with less stress. As a result the company goals for my organization and me were successfully achieved and we have been recognized and rewarded.

Shaunna Sowell
Vice President, Texas Instruments, Inc.


Before working with Suzanne, I was skeptical that effective coaching with a somatic component could be delivered over the telephone But it works!

I was often amazed at how accurately Suzanne perceived and described what was happening with my body during our calls, and how that was reflected in the results I was achieving (or not) in my business.

Suzanne coached me to create the center and ground I need to perform effectively as the CEO of a start-up company. Under her guidance, I now have the habits and practices to move smoothly through breakdowns, complexity and high-pressure situations, which are the daily bread of an entrepreneur.

Beth Robinson, Ph.D.
CEO and Founder, Execukos


Suzanne has at times remained committed to my concerns with greater focus and tenacity than I have. She has gotten "inside my head" and learned new skills in order to blend with my way of being, all the time remaining grounded in the disciplines of the many rich traditions of learning and action that she embodies. She tempered my distorted preconceptions about money and business with a broader view of reality, and in doing so freed me to quadruple my annual earnings.

Steven Greenberg
Founder, Results-Based Philanthropy


Certain characteristics are essential to being a successful coach/mentor: intelligence, caring, responsibility, dependability, self-awareness and the ability to develop trust and communicate effectively based on both people and context. Suzanne has all of these and many more. I highly recommend her as a mentor to those who are deeply involved in learning and know the value of a colleague, friend, peer and fellow questioner.

Suzanne is adept at getting to the heart of a matter. She cares and remembers. For example, I got stuck, she pointed out the major strides that have occurred in just one year. Her grounded assessments are meaningful and spark further growth.

Lucy K. Tannen
Head, Eliot Montessori School


Suzanne played a pivotal role in helping me transition from a serious personal injury. After over a year of tremendous trauma, loss, and recovery, she enabled me to turn the corner and move from chaos into a focused, balanced, and organized state.

Thanks to Suzanne, I have reclaimed and rebuilt my life better than before. Her unique blend of interpersonal, somatic, and coaching talents give clients a rare and powerful offering. I strongly recommend Suzanne to anyone wanting to make substantial, positive, and lasting change.

C. Denise Gentry