Body Scanning and Breathing Practices

These practices have been recorded directly from the first and second sessions of my teleclass program called "Listening to Bodies Long Distance." The body scan can be used to check your own somatic state in preparation for working with others, to distinguish what belongs to you before you begin sensing what may be happening with someone else. You can also use body scanning to become more aware of the places where you experience constriction in order to witness the phenomenon and begin to relax the constriction.

You may do the practices standing, sitting or lying down. They require your full awareness, so do not do these while performing any other tasks that also require attention.
Download .MP3s $10.00

Expansion Practices

Expanding length, width, and depth can be done on their own, or combined with expanding your awareness out to the Edge of your energetic structure, as on this mp3. Bringing your awareness to your “Edge” is a skill created by Desda Zuckerman, founder of CoreIndividuation™, and is discussed in chapter 7 of my book Listening to Bodies.

Ideally, these practices could be done daily to enhance your skill to stay open and available to what life brings your way. At the same time, you will be protected from energetic intrusions as you strengthen your energetic boundary.
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Listening to Bodies Long Distance Teleclass

6-session introductory program. This class is currently being taught through Hudson Institute or by request from pre-formed groups

Tuition $425.00
Tuition to review $220.00

Advanced Somatics Teleclass

by invitation only, prerequisite 6-session introductory program

The agenda for each session is driven by the people in the class. Everyone submits questions about their own development challenges, or a case study of a client they would like to discuss. Then the class time is spent with the participants' questions, suggestions and practices to forward your somatic learning. I provide a review of the practices from the foundational Listening to Bodies Long Distance teleclass series, plus new practices relevant to each week's discussion.

The class meets for 6 sessions, approximately every other week. In addition, I make myself available for email questions and responses and phone calls as requested.

This program is only held once every few years, so please apply quickly if you are interested, since space is limited.


Get Out Of Your Own Way To Sell More Teleclass

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